The Study Room Story

The Study Room was born from a lifelong love of stationery supplies and an incessant need to be organised. We curate considered, design led stationery supplies for the modern creative and our Opticks Edit is designed not only to fit seamlessly into your life and work, but to help get you to be your most productive self, using tried and tested colour theory techniques.

Sharing is also a huge part of The Study Room Story. When our founder left a vibrant and frankly LOUD office to start The Study Room London, she was unprepared for the silence and became dedicated to providing a vibrant community to share best practice. She believes communities are important. She uses her platform to help motivate people to become proactive, productive and to develop a healthy work ethic; through workshops and presentations, allowing you to live freely, without anxiety and without the worry of a job unfinished.

To put it simply, The Study Room:
Is the home of STUDY for the modern creative, with up to date news, productivity tips and tricks and organisational aids.
Helps you to CREATE with luxury, productive stationery supplies
Develops DISCUSSION with workshops, events, groups and more.


About Our Founder


The Study Room London was founded by Lucinda Batchelor; a passionate and confirmed stationery nerd who can often be found scouring the globe for productive stationery supplies.

With over seven years’ experience in retail buying, including Fortnum and Mason has, over the years bought everything from emerald encrusted fountain pens, vintage staplers, slime and plush toys and wanted to share her studious pursuits with the world at large (she also doesn't have much room left)

Born and raised in London, her passion for all things creative started from an early age. She would spent entire days lost in the V&A , The Portrait Gallery and The Courtauld;  drawing and journalling in earnest.

Continuously working with Psychologists, Scientists & Theorists, whilst regularly consulting with the latest in productivity & mindfulness movements has allowed her to curate the widest array of productivity resources available on the market today.

In addition to The Study Room, She is also an organisational and productivity consultant and continues to spend and extraordinary amount of time on Instagram lusting at pens, up to her elbows scouring for new finds and continuing to be the biggest stationery nerd on the planet.. 


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