The Study Room Story

The Study Room was born from a lifelong long love of stationery supplies and an incessant need to be organised.
Having spent many years debating the merits of a well written (and completed) to do list and having the perfect notebook to write them in; our founder wanted to share pieces that inspire joy as well as make your working day a little easier.

We stock considered, design led stationery supplies for the modern creative. 

Sharing is also a huge part of The Study Room Story. Communities are important; having a support network as a small business or freelancer is one of the most important things you are never told when you start. 

People will always inspire, will always collaborate and offer advice, which is exactly what The Study Room Collective provides. 
We give you a forum, events to unwind or to develop your creative venture. Helping you to find your voice as a creative and gaining access to other creatives you simply couldn't find if you do this alone. 

To put it simply, The Study Room:
Is the home of study for the modern creative, with up to date news, creative business advice and information
Helps you to create with beautiful stationery supplies
Develops discussion with informal events, groups and forums

Are you ready to join us?

I am the chattiest in an office, hands down. 
I would win the award for the most sociable in an office every time.
I am a lover of good conversation; you never where it might take you. Having the opportunity to talk (or type) out loud helps me and countless others (like you) to be more productive. 

Having Spent my working life in bustling, reactive buying offices, having this attitude was the key to my success.

When I started this project, I went from a humming space to my quiet and solitary home office (read: kitchen table). My passion and love for stationery was strong, but could not overcome spending eight hours in silence.
I needed conversation, so I set out to change that. With The Study Room, I have created a space that provides not only the best in luxury, productive stationery supplies (my favourite) but creates a collective of like-minded individuals and businesses who are just as eager for a conversation and inspiration as you are. 

So welcome to The Study Room, We' can study, create and discuss together!

Best Wishes, 
(Founder & Director)

About Our Founder

Have a question or would like to just say hello?

Lucinda is a passionate stationery supplies obsessive who can often be found stalking stationery on Pinterest. 

With over five years; experience in retail buying, she has bought everything from emerald encrusted fountain pens to plush bears for children's magazines. 

Born and raised in London, her passion for all things creative started from an early age. She would spent entire days lost in the V&A and The Courtauld drawing or in the nearest stationers looking fir new pencils, gel pens and notebooks to draw with. 

In addition to The Study Room, She is also an organisational and productivity consultant and continues to spend and extraordinary amount of time on Pinterest lusting at pens. 

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