Spotlight On: Best Apps for Business

Running The Study Room or any small business is very labour intensive, between the hours spent on Instagram & Twitter, Filing, emailing, invoicing and packing up all your lovely productive stationery, working can and will take over your life; this was one of the biggest shocks to the system in my first six months after starting this venture. 

So, anything that can streamline my working day or make working a little easier, is something that gets my attention. Today I am sharing apps that are the secret to my success; whether they take the pressure off your social media, allow you to work at your own pace (even if that is 3’o’clock in the morning) or help you to find inspiration, these are the apps I and The Study Room cannot live without. 

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Spotlight On: Fonts

Did you know that the font you use can influence the way your customers and readers react with your website and promotional materials?  

When you think about your business and your font you should be thinking about how you can subliminally convey a message about your product.

Fonts are more important than you think; the type of font you use for your promotional materials and your website can have a huge impact on the people you are trying to reach out to, or the message you are trying to convey.  
(Just think about all those times you were given a flyer with 'comic sans' on and chuckled!)

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Question: Beating The Business Blues

Switching off is something a lot of creatives find hard to do.
It’s hard for a lot of self-employed people to do. 
How many times has a thought popped into your head only for it to consume you until the early hours of the morning. 

I have found it to be a be a blessing and a curse. Running your own business can be a calling, but can lead to a lot of anxiety and fretful nights. I have spent many hours and days fretting over concepts and feverishly making notes, updating or refining small updates you’ve probably haven’t noticed. That’s why I take my mental health and mindfulness very seriously. 

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Question: Plant Power

Plants are everywhere right now. With the rise of Instagram-worthy Plant Nurseries like Geo-fleur, Blomst and Grace & Thorn, people are becoming even more green fingered than normal.
But did you know that plants are a great productivity tool? That’s right, not only are these beautiful to look at they are great things to put in your office to make you even more productive!

Those who work in ‘Green’ offices are found to be 15% more productive. How and Why you ask? Well, I touched on this briefly when I shared my top tips for productivity on article commissioned by belong mag and I thought I would go into a little more detail here.

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Want It Wednesday

Few things excite me more than a crisp, functional notebook. 
One that is small enough to fit in a bag or laptop case; is sturdy and feels weighty in hand making you look (and feel) that little bit more professional. 

One of my favourites (and believe me, I have tried them ALL) is my trusty Rhodia Pad. 
This is the workhorse of notepads. The paper is weighty (80gsm) too; which is perfect for my elaborate scrawl (using my trusty green inked fountain pen) without bleed and issue, to be honest; writing with any pen is actually a dream. 

With traditional notepads, writing in small spaces can be difficult and can affect the integrity of the spine of the pad, causing your pages (and thoughts) scattered all over the place. Your Rhodia pad caters to this with its unique top stapled binding and seams allowing these notebooks to lie perfectly flat whether writing in a rush or leisurely reviewing notes. 

If you subscribe to a slightly minimal way of working; these pads are designed with you in mind.
It feels luxurious in your hand; it’s a sturdy notepad that does exactly what you need it to do without fuss. 
My favourite variants of the Rhodia pad is the Ice range. 
The paper’s lines, graphs and dots are printed in a muted grey colour, rather than the usual violet. Meaning your thoughts and words take precedent and you can do what you need to do best, working and study.

You can up your writing game right now and shop the range in our online store.