Spotlight: Quick Wins for effortless dressing

I  hate the feeling you get in the morning when you just cannot find anything to wear.
It's heartbreaking, upsetting and will without fail make you late for whatever you were getting dressed for in the first place.
I have come up with (I think anyway) a fool proof way to capitalise on the wardrobe you have, with minimal effort and maximum impact. I call it 'Use & Re-Use' or 'The Lazy person's guide to style'. 

I have touched on this before;  I love, live and breathe fashion, but when it comes to my 9-5, running between floors and in meetings all day; I'm lazy, I'm stylish but lazy.
I can afford to be lazy because I have one simple rule. All of my clothes coordinate with each other, so 95% of the time when I pull clothes out of my wardrobe (half asleep, never looking) they look like they belong together (I can be allowed that 5% right? We all have been there) my wardrobe doesn't change drastically from work week to weekend, which always helps. But it is as simple as that. Use and Re-use.


Starting with the basics, I have three initial basic colours that I stick to. These can really be of your choosing. My wardrobe consists of these: Navy, Black & Grey (the go to colour palette for lazy chic)

All of the jumpers are from J.Crew; I love these because they are easy to dress up or down and can be worn all year round. Chuck on a fancy bracelet or load up on rings if you want to make it look special or wear only that colour with nothing else for a chic, non assuming look.   
 I am a big fan of the cigarette trouser too. They are easy to wear with shirts, tunics and jumpers These 'Treggings' (Trouser Leggings if you will) are all from Uniqlo and a wonderful replacement for a smarter version of denim.

They are hug in the right places, with or without a belt, can be cuffed (my preference) and suit heels or my beloved Superga's. They are super cheap too, so you can get LOADS.


I am also a big fan of a jersey smock dress. They can be dressed up with accessories or an elaborate headscarf or dressed down with a jumper or worn on it's own.
Jersey dresses can be found anywhere. This beauty from ASOS is a firm favourite in my wardrobe, I just wish they came in more colours.
I always try to have a mix of basic midi and mini skirts in your choice of colours; you might have a day where a mini basic skirt is just not appropriate, you can get these anywhere and stack them high. 

American Apparel have a great selection of midi skirts available in all colours. Get them here.

By buying in your choice of three basic colours, all of these will coordinate with each other so you have an easy win right there!
(This is also a good go to work 'uniform' collection, it's simple and could be dressed up where appropriate)
Pretty much anything and everything I buy outside of these colours should co ordinate with your three block colours. 

I, like my girlcrush Leandra Medine (of Man Repeller fame) am a fan of of the oversized button down shirt. I have loads (I mean loads, because they go with EVERYTHING!) I have a fair amount most of them are the classic and OVERSIZED (I buy mine about four sizes larger than I am)  Ralph Lauren Polo Collection
Add all the colours and patterns you can buy to bolster your wardrobe on a season by season basis, they will go with your blocks!
It's that simple! This should eliminate the eternal question we ask ourselves
(What the HELL am I going to wear today?!)

You can personalise this look by adding your own fun accessories and a handbag or backpack. I prefer a headscarf and loading up on bangles and a chunky watch, like one of these

I would suggest, replacing some of your dresses and skirts every six months, allowing for seasonal changes. This still gives you a licence to shop, but at least you now know you've definitely got something for it to go with!

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