Want It Wednesday

When it comes to pens, I am very particular, I love a beautifully designed pen. 
A pen is so much more than a writing implement; it can be a personal status symbol, a mark importance or in my case a genuine personal indulgence

 I have already spoken at length about one of my favourite pens to write with. But then, I found this pen and nearly everything changed.

The minimalist in me swoons at the sight of this pen. 
Made entirely in Aluminium; this ball point pen is a lightweight dream to behold. 

It's so clever too. Designed in LA by trained architects Ensso; this pen is a mini marvel. 
In fact, I think all pens should be designed by architects forever more. 

The Ballpoint lid, doubles as a wide grip for this slimline, sleek and modern pen, which is around the same size and weight as a pencil.

Trust me, you will feel so cool opening and closing it every time you need to make notes. 
You'll probably take more notes, just to show this pen off a little more! 

This well balanced and light pen uses Hi-Tec-C Coleto cartridges (normally reserved for multi colour pens), which are super easy to replace online and are available in so many colours that the only limit is your imagination when writing with these pens. 

You can get these pen exclusively in UK from us, The Study Room, in a range of beautiful colours. So you too can start enjoying taking notes!
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