Want It Wednesday

I thought I would share one of my favourite weapons in my in my armoury
Few things are more exciting (to me, at least) than sitting down and writing a few good catch up letters. 
For a long time, I thought I knew which pens worked best for me. Ballpoints are easy, available, durable and not too uncomfortable to write with for long periods.
(does anyone else get that hand cramp?)


Then I borrowed a friend's fountain pen and everything changed. 
I love how adult handwriting looks with a fountain pen.
It's sleek, legible and above all pretty; something I never thought my handwriting could be.

The most sensible (and inexpensive) way to try this for yourself it so buy a disposable fountain pen. To see if this is as life changing for you as it was for me.  
If you are won over (as I was) get yourself a Lamy Safari Fountain pen.

These are great; easy to use and is well balanced, so it makes writing incredibly comfortable, unlike the fountain pens your remember from your school days. The ink doesn't bleed so it's perfect for lightweight papers as well as all of those letters you will not doubt write now you've a proper, adult writing instrument.  
Go one, treat yourself, you need an excuse to run to the nearest calligraphy class.