Want It Wednesday

Few things excite me more than a crisp, functional notebook. 
One that is small enough to fit in a bag or laptop case; is sturdy and feels weighty in hand making you look (and feel) that little bit more professional. 

One of my favourites (and believe me, I have tried them ALL) is my trusty Rhodia Pad
This is the workhorse of notepads. The paper is weighty (80gsm) too; which is perfect for my elaborate scrawl (using my trusty green inked fountain pen) without bleed and issue, to be honest; writing with any pen is actually a dream. 

With traditional notepads, writing in small spaces can be difficult and can affect the integrity of the spine of the pad, causing your pages (and thoughts) scattered all over the place. Your Rhodia pad caters to this with its unique top stapled binding and seams allowing these notebooks to lie perfectly flat whether writing in a rush or leisurely reviewing notes. 

If you subscribe to a slightly minimal way of working; these pads are designed with you in mind.
It feels luxurious in your hand; it’s a sturdy notepad that does exactly what you need it to do without fuss. 
My favourite variants of the Rhodia pad is the Ice range. 

The paper’s lines, graphs and dots are printed in a muted grey colour, rather than the usual violet. Meaning your thoughts and words take precedent and you can do what you need to do best, working and study.

You can up your writing game right now and shop the range in our online store.

Want It Wednesday

How are you reading this post right now?
At your desk, when you should be writing invoices or filing?
Are you on a train willing it to move faster to get you to work on time (and cannot stand being a sardine any longer)

Well think about this, no matter how you are reading this right now; you are most likely not sitting up straight (your mother is ashamed) and your back is a little sore from slouching or possibly from the elbow wedged in your back.

Posture and productivity go hand in hand. A good posture increases blood flow and reduces headaches which helps clear your mind and you can get more out of your day as a result. As someone who genuinely believes there aren't enough hours in the day, this small change can make all the difference!

So how do you achieve the nirvana like status of good posture and productivity without spending your life savings (or first house deposit) on a fancy, ergonomic chair?
By investing in a computer stand that will elevate your screen or laptop of course! 
Having your screen at the wrong height can cause you back and neck pain. Your body adjusts to your screen; it's too low, or too high; you start to strain or slouch. Neither are good; you should sit at a height where the top of the screen is at eye level.

A laptop stand can help you achieve this, wherever you are. 
Our laptop rests from Humbleworks, are the perfect solution for your posture, meaning you can sit comfortably for longer, whilst making your mother proud. 
Each piece is ergonomically carved and sustainable, and is so light and portable it easily fits in a bag or laptop carrier with little effort. 

So if you are working at your desk or at the coffee shop this is one of the best productivity tools on the market to help you carve more work into the 24 hours you've got. 

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Want it Wednesday

Working for oneself can be a drain. The lack of interactivity (if you are a solo worker) can take its toll, your environment can often sap inspiration or sometimes you just lack the motivation to get through the day. 

Having a portable set up is the key to changing your working day and increasing your productivity levels. Having always had portability at the front of my mind when working I have found ways to take my working day (short of packing your lovely goods in a coffee shop) with me wherever I go. 

Like most people, I rely on my trusty laptop. I am not grown up enough to have a desktop computer and being able to move around helps boost my productivity. 
But sometimes, the track pad will just not do. This week’s Want It Wednesday is all about wireless mice for your trusty desktop and laptop.

The Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600 is one of the best value and easiest to use. 
It has an incredibly long battery life (up to a year without having to change a battery) is super neat and portable and will work seamlessly with both right and left hand users. 
This mouse works on virtually any surface, so if you are working on a mouse pad or a reclaimed wood table, there’s no dip in its sensitivity. It’s small too, so it won’t add bulk to your already enormous work bag if you are taking it on the road. 

Having looked at some of the other portable mice on the market (looking at you apple magic mouse!) this is so cost effective, you could by one for your home office and one to have a permanent nestling spot in your laptop bag and still have change for lunch while working. 
This mouse is one of my favourites. Some tasks need more than a broad knowledge of keyboard short cuts and this one fits the bill without breaking the bank. 

You can buy The Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600 from Amazon and from major electrical outlets.