Top Tips: Happier Days at Work... Is that an Oxymoron?

Most of us have wondered if we are on the right path, career-wise. Most of us have thought about sliding that letter of resignation to an flummoxed boss and leaving to a triumphant soundtrack… Don’t pretend you haven’t!

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Want it Wednesday

Working for oneself can be a drain. The lack of interactivity (if you are a solo worker) can take its toll, your environment can often sap inspiration or sometimes you just lack the motivation to get through the day. 

Having a portable set up is the key to changing your working day and increasing your productivity levels. Having always had portability at the front of my mind when working I have found ways to take my working day (short of packing your lovely goods in a coffee shop) with me wherever I go. 

Like most people, I rely on my trusty laptop. I am not grown up enough to have a desktop computer and being able to move around helps boost my productivity. 
But sometimes, the track pad will just not do. This week’s Want It Wednesday is all about wireless mice for your trusty desktop and laptop.

The Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600 is one of the best value and easiest to use. 
It has an incredibly long battery life (up to a year without having to change a battery) is super neat and portable and will work seamlessly with both right and left hand users. 
This mouse works on virtually any surface, so if you are working on a mouse pad or a reclaimed wood table, there’s no dip in its sensitivity. It’s small too, so it won’t add bulk to your already enormous work bag if you are taking it on the road. 

Having looked at some of the other portable mice on the market (looking at you apple magic mouse!) this is so cost effective, you could by one for your home office and one to have a permanent nestling spot in your laptop bag and still have change for lunch while working. 
This mouse is one of my favourites. Some tasks need more than a broad knowledge of keyboard short cuts and this one fits the bill without breaking the bank. 

You can buy The Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600 from Amazon and from major electrical outlets. 

Want It Wednesday

Nothing is more infuriating when you are working remotely. 
You've gained a rhythm, you are banging out emails, updates, even spreadsheets aren't phasing you.

The coffee (and cake) have kicked in and you could go for hours. Then, your laptop decides you have done enough work for the day and it's time to power down. You start searching frantically for a power outlet, but of course you decided to sit at the table in the middle of the cafe.

Do you call it a day and hope you've been productive enough to give up your spot?
It's time for you to whip out this utter dream from Triple C.

This is a portable charger like no other!

The Power Card is not only super, super thin
(It's the size of a credit card, so it could fit superbly one of our Business Wallets) but it comes in a range of minimalist, modern colourways. 

Aesthetics aside, this is a very powerful charger. It works with iPhones, mobile phones, iPods, speakers and more with its mini USB cable. 

It even comes with a LED indicator, highlighting the level of charge left and with a capacity of 1300mAh
(Which is around an hour of power - for non-techies) It gives you enough power to finishing sending all of your emails without breaking a sweat. 

No more cramped and uncomfortable tables just because it's near a power outlet, no more speedy emails sent without proofing first.
Take back control of remote working with this beautiful and functional portable charger.

Explore Triple C's full range and buy here