Top Tips: Why You Should Bullet Journal

Journaling is something I hold very dear to my heart. The Study Room London would not exist if it were not for my need to keep on top of my tasks, goals and mental wellbeing; I know I am not alone.
Having been journaling for over three years, I have collated a list of tips and tricks to help you tackle, master and possibly develop you own Bullet Journal method.

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The Study Room London At Large: Why Resolutions are a dirty word

Resolutions are a bit of a dirty word at The Study Room London HQ. While the idea of a resolution sounds optimistic and productive, the word often feels a bit like a synonym for failure.

Be honest, when was the last time you managed to achieve the resolutions you set before the fireworks and champagne started popping?

So, while January is a great time for us; I believe in long-term solutions and sometimes these take on the form of a lifestyle class (any excuse to get yourselves a new notebook and pen right?!).

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Question: How to Write a Blog Post with Impact

Blogging came as a bit of a shock hobby for me. What started as a sideline to my illustration business, a way of keeping my website generating new content became a business in it’s own right and my blog took on a life of it’s own.  

Whilst I enjoyed writing essays in school it had more to do with the satisfaction of a few pages of nice handwriting. I was surprised how much I enjoyed blogging. The feeling of your fingers whacking out a post on your keyboard, the itch to get writing again after a few days, the need to brain dump all thoughts and emotions to a page on the internet. 

What surprised me even more was how much other people seemed to enjoy it. 

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