The Opticks Edit

Did you know, the colours that you use, actually affect your productivity and the quality of your work?
At the Study Room London, we work hard to get you at your most productive best. 

That's why we have collaborated with Colours By Eleanor London to select the best colours to help you be your most productive. 
Eleanor Mitchell, founder of the company has a wealth of experience who uses colour to promote confidence, wellness and to make make the most of themselves. 

The Edit, named after Issac Newton's second publication and  one of the first to theorise colour has been selected to help you be your most productive, serene and organised. 


Synonymous with technology and stability, this is the perfect base colour for everyday use. Traditionally used for computers, televisions, most cars - this colour is a solid companion.
This is a perfect accompaniment to an invigorating colour; too much of it can be overwhelming on a page.


Sunshine, Warm weather and... warning signs?
This cheerful colour is can be the epitome of happiness. A great stimulant colour, but it's not great for everyone.
If peppy and enthusiastic is your personality base line, this could be a little too over stimulating.


Cool, calm and encouraging thoughts of the sea or water. Use this colour if you want to feel inspired and want to be your most productive.

This colour is great for your creativity, so perfect for mind maps, goals lists Use it to keep calm and in control.


Positive pink; romantic, feminine and delicate, but did you know  this colour was used originally to dress baby boys?

However, this is on the same spectrum on red, but has fewer troubling connotations.
Use this colour if you are overwhelmed easily but need to get something done.


Aligned with nature this colour produces a calming, serene effect. This grounding colour helps with concentration and helps to ease stress.

Use this colour if you have a large, segmented to-do list or have a lot of things to note down.


Often associated with sophistication and power; this is a staple is most stationery draws.
Like Grey, this is strong and reliable but can often incite negativity if used consistently.
Think before you black; use it correctly and you'll enhance feelings of strength, use it too often and you’ll have negative thought patterns.


Luxurious, and  often associated with royalty; it's an ostentatious colour; use wisely to great effect.
Purple also has a strong electromagnetic wavelength creating an immersive and soothing visual experience. Similarly to the colour Green, this colour eases stress and is perfect for flagging overwhelming lists. 


Purity and cleanliness. White is bright and associated with luxury technology and brand new, shiny things.

This is the perfect inspirational blank canvas of your ideas. Think about what it is used for and then add as much or as little as you like. It is a great base colour.


Demands a lot from you! Often used to for urgent tasks and reminders, red is a colour associated with strong positives and negatives; passion, anger, romance, debt.

Use thoughtfully as it can be as disconcerting as it is invigorating. The colour also triggers memory retention too,