Carpenter Pencils

Carpenter Pencils - The Study Room London.jpg
Carpenter Pencils - The Study Room London.jpg

Carpenter Pencils


The “Original” Pencil shape, the Carpenter’s pencil is great for everyday writing, light and doesn’t add bulk to a notebook or diary.

Designed to have a larger surface area, the Carpenter’s pencils are easy to grip and are therefore more comfortable to use.

Made in the UK, these pencils allow for thin, high precision lines and thick markings, just by adjusting your grip.

These pencils are also much more robust that standard round pencils so are perfect to keep with you on the go.

If you are a fan of parallel lines in your notebook or diary? Try adding a notch into your Carpenter’s pencil to make light work of double underlining.

Size: 150mm

Nib Point: 0.08 Weight: 0.02kg

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