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Let's Call it Version 1.0 - An Introduction to Business Administration




Organisation is not just for the individual… we help small businesses too!
Following from a wonderful conversation I had with a fellow small business
(H/T to you Knots UK) this workshop was created.

Let’s call it Version 1.0;  perfectly named, we all start our businesses with an idea, a notebook and not a clue about getting started.

This was an opportunity to meet and help other businesses get to grips with the often talked about (but jargon filled) world of business administration.

Each attendee receives an excel template to help get them started on their journey toward business organisation.

It was a wonderful evening discussing my retail experience and my story, highlighting how I have applied it to The Study Room.

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How To: Bullet Journal (25/01/2018)

We discussed everything from how and why to create a bullet journal to the best products to up your Bullet Journal game over pizza and wine at the lovely and intimate 1n1 Fashion n Pizza.

Our workshops are the perfect place to help find your voice as a Bullet Journal beginner, someone who is curious or if you just want to share or improve your own Bullet Journal.  

We provide the perfect opportunity to give your self the gift of organisation!

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An Introduction to Bullet Journaling (04/05/17) 

We discussed everything from how and why to create a bullet journal to the best products to up your #BuJo.
At Café Miami stopped for drinks, canapés and discussion around all things productive stationery.

This event was perfect for the curious, have you ever wanted to know how your bullet journal compares to others?
Or simply, interested in the art of planning


#StudyCreateDiscuss: Who is your Target Market? (15/12/16)

This #StudyCreateDiscuss Session we discuss (over coffee and cakes) how to and what to expect when appealing to your target market. 
Join our ‘hive mind’ to discuss who your customer is and if you customer is actually seeing what you want them to. 
This session, discussing all of things reach (a word you have probably come to loathe) ask the questions you’ve been afraid to ask possibly make a friend of business connection too!
This will take place in the beautiful Art Deco surroundings of #FriendofTheStudyRoom Café Miami, a new dining experience in Clapton who are kindly offering a discount on their delicious snacks for attendees!
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#StudyCreateDiscuss: Start-ups (17/11/16)

Our first #StudyCreateDiscuss Session was held in creative hub, Wood Street Coffee, part of the Blackhorse Workshop in London.

We discussed everything, including the various stages of running a start-up, how we handle our social medias and what has made us start up our respective businesses.

"This is a great event for local entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to network, problem solve or just get out of the office! A great bunch with some interesting chat."